Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why Angel cannot own a dog:
1) She doesn't want to trim its hair because she wants it to become a ball of fur
2) People might mistake the dog for a carpet and step on it
3) Its hair will grow so long that it trips on its own hair and it won't be able to walk
4) It will fall on its nose
5) Its mouth will be like some water tap on hot days
6) It's.just.plain.torturous.



had friends over and we finished our vc photo-taking project

did half an hour of vocal warm ups in the toilet

learnt Paramore's My Heart on the guitar

spent time with my rabbit and let it discover the garden inside the house

read up on rabbits (how to train your rabbit to use a litter box / how to cut your rabbit's nails / how rabbits communicate)

went to 3-inch-sin + island creamery with Angel

sat on steps outside a pub and told her she cannot own a dog (see reasons)

came home, watched youtube videos about rabbits and laughed like mad

and right now at 10.37 on tuesday morn,


am still thinking about my rabbit

am excited about TC this evening

feel smart after having read essays about capital punishment in IVP class

am waiting for jeddy to come back with my waffle

am damn excited about practising guitar + changing strings tomorrow with Michael my curly haired friend


aww man did i say life's good when you have a rock band?
it's like a Life Bonus!
family (+++)
friends (++)
boyfriend (-1) LOL
rock band (+++)

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