Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Complaint/I-Feel-Sorry-For-You Post

Right now, I have to deal with prioritising stuff.
And do you know what sucks?

When I don't prioritize the 'right' thing, I'm hit with words that subtly hint:
a) You don't mean anything to me
b) I choose friends over family
c) I don't wanna be around you

Who the hell are you to tell me I'm a shitty friend?
Who are you to assume what you mean to me?
Who the heck are you to say that I'm reluctant to stay with you guys when I've always been there?
It's just one bloody night.
And if I go with you because I want your tongue to stop wagging, then it's just sad.
It just shows how you choose to condemn me in front of everybody else.
It just shows how loud you're shouting to be heard - oh and you're heard alright but you don't mean more than I do.


I'm tired of how people keep getting the recognition and when it's time to let someone else have it, they show faces as black as Lucifer.
And I watch as their pride swallows them whole just because others get to have the limelight for awhile.
Their eyes scream blue murder and their feet are stamping madly under the table.
As I grow older, I'm starting to see how people drink Envy for tea and it leaves them bitter.
Do you know what I mean?
It's like people snack on envious thoughts for tea time, or whenever they are free.

The limelight desperado has never gotten much attention - but when people do, they do not give wholeheartedly.
Because they see through you like glass.
And hell, they're tired of it.
So they rather hold you together than see you shatter.
Because when you do fall to pieces (oh my), it creates a raging ruckus only God can still.

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