Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 2010 Final Post

Woah it's been a year since I started this blog.
I keep all my blogs so when I have the time, I go back to read the posts and I'm actually quite amazed at how I'm growing as a person.
Whether spiritually or mentally, it's something that has taken lots of time. I mean, all my time.
So by keeping my blogs, I have the chance to go back to that very moment.

I'm also growing by doing this, because I'm learning to accept the person I was before, the person I've always been.
I'm looking at the regrets I've had and well, bluntly put, telling them to fuck off because everyone's gotta move on.
I get to remember people who were at that time, perfect to me and even though I have lost some of them, at least I got to keep the good times.
Doesn't mean they're not 'perfect' to me now. It's just that.. they're not for me in this season of life.

I even see how my music selection has changed. My iTunes years ago was full of mainstream crap and it influenced me to see Hollywood in a way that made me look at my body negatively.
Now, the songs I have are written by the best songwriters around who have the same insecurities and desires as I do - and these are the people who I look up to.
These people are normal but yet, they write lyrics that are relatable and mind blowing. They write tunes that stir hearts and honestly, my music has subtly 'taught' me to forgive myself.
Shut up Rihanna, shut up Kanye - songs about boobs and money are so yesterday.
"Seriously, they're just boobs. Everyone second person in the world has them, what's the fuss?" - Julia Roberts in Notting Hill
Anyway, I also get to remember the shit I went through, to remember the propensities for unleashing mindless wrath packages at people and think back and just praise God that I had to go through the fire to be refined.
And to even remember how these friends and family have tolerated and built me up to be who I am today.
And His work in me isn't done yet; Lord I'm waiting to witness more of Your works in my life:)

So here I go.
I'll be keeping this blog because I cannot bear to part with my writing.
Yes my posts are my babies. They're gonna grow older soon.
You can watch me make newer babies at :)

how you've always remembered the owner of this blog as,
Ling :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

indie day with phoenix/over the rhine & alanis morissette

Revecka (1): one of my fave models + modern day pin up girl
She is married to Khoi Nguyen, tattoo artist from L.A. Ink
Revecka (2)
Revecka (3)



did a teeny bit of song writing and sketching over the past two days
corns are starting to grow on my fingertips again and they are sore;(
i'll start painting my sketch this afternoon;)

i'm afraid that things may start to change once someone gets mad at someone else
i must say that i don't want anything bad to happen
because all of us make mistakes, all of us do stupid things from time to time
i can only hope that forgiveness will be what you choose
(dear reader: don't worry, i wasn't the one who made the mistake and duh it's somebody else)

How to know A Liling's Dream Person in a Moment: 
here's a lil something i'd like to write about
say this out verbally with pauses at the beginning of every sentence
1. drink some water
2. be calm and get into the mood
3. say+read at the same time
4. that's my dream person


you are indie
phoenix is good
whisper: (independent)

you are well-meaning
and ..weird

you are
but amazing
yet ridiculous at the same time

you have your moments of quiet
and crazy riotous living

look at yourself in the mirror
your stomach
your face
and even your...
thing:) (smile as you say this)

you are
but amazing
at the same time
you should be my bitch
shout: BITCH!

hahahahaha sigh i've had my fun

last night: Nida+Shawn+lemur boy+Sen+CY+Kenneth+WH+me
we were loafing around but yes in the end we did what we normally did
we watched a movie!
Avatar was pretty cute in its own way and i'm just so inspired to be a water bender now
i've always liked water, if i could be any animal in the sea, i'd be a great white shark
so tonight i'll be seeing Quan and the gang
Quan owes me an explanation or he's gonna get body slammed

happy day(L)

Monday, August 9, 2010


A Couple Of Strokes

I got butterflies in my tummy when I saw this

"I may feel like a fool, but I'm the only one dancing with you"

wotcha lookin' at!


this lady must be screwed to be taking so much med

Feels like they're gonna burst in my face

Spirit of Freedom

David Gerstein is an Israeli artist.
Yknow that sculpture at the intersection of Raffles Quay, Collyer Quay and Marina Boulevard? That was done by him:)
Last but not least, my fave piece by David Gerstein:

Burning Lips

kiss this car (L)
it's plain sex cruising down your street
MercedesBenz SLK
It has been a day since I got back from Penang and it's Singapore's National Day today.
My mom woke me up at 11 this morning and we went for lunch at Cycle&Carriage.
These were the art pieces that were hung up all around the place.
 - -

I attended my cousin's wedding in Penang and it was the best wedding dinner that I have ever attended.
It didn't accomodate as many people as Will's wedding but because it didn't, it felt way more personal.
There was a dance floor and my mom and the groom's mom danced.
I took photos with pretty cool people too.
I really really loved how they were so bubbly and stylish:)
And I look starstruck. Shut up.

Told me his name is Walter or something

Anonymous + me + Leonie

Me and Shuhan jiejie

Hello there again
This holiday I've been learning things.
Learning to be humble when I have achieved something, learning that our words should always be edifying and encouraging, learning to be strong, to be disciplined (when it comes to my individual writing projects) and to just... have time for my family, friends and myself.
I've also learnt to forgive myself because God doesn't blame me when I fail myself:)
I definitely have to get a job over these 3 weeks of holiday.
I'm determined to carry on working out and December shall be the month I shout "Oh glory!"
And I have to get new heels. My mom rammed over my favourite ones with her stupid car. Duh, of course I cried like crap.

This week is gonna be a good one.
Tuesday = theatre rehearsal
Wednesday = dinner+movie with Angel, Quan, Joel, Mimi and Sohei
Saturday = jamming with What Bunnies Do
Sunday = church + filming for camp video

All I wanna do right now is partyyy, gulp down a few 'Blowjobs' and just..chill with my mates
Just take off into the night with 6 inch heels, money, my best makeup + glitzy clothes and definitely best friends
Ride around in supermarket carts with fireworks on the beach
Have a few kisses in between if there's somebody to love
And we shan't come home till about 7 in the mornin'
No sleepin allowed

(sorry i haven't been the best christian around but girls just wanna

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I watched Katy Perry and I just teared like crazy.
She's my fave performer, hands down<3