Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 2010 Final Post

Woah it's been a year since I started this blog.
I keep all my blogs so when I have the time, I go back to read the posts and I'm actually quite amazed at how I'm growing as a person.
Whether spiritually or mentally, it's something that has taken lots of time. I mean, all my time.
So by keeping my blogs, I have the chance to go back to that very moment.

I'm also growing by doing this, because I'm learning to accept the person I was before, the person I've always been.
I'm looking at the regrets I've had and well, bluntly put, telling them to fuck off because everyone's gotta move on.
I get to remember people who were at that time, perfect to me and even though I have lost some of them, at least I got to keep the good times.
Doesn't mean they're not 'perfect' to me now. It's just that.. they're not for me in this season of life.

I even see how my music selection has changed. My iTunes years ago was full of mainstream crap and it influenced me to see Hollywood in a way that made me look at my body negatively.
Now, the songs I have are written by the best songwriters around who have the same insecurities and desires as I do - and these are the people who I look up to.
These people are normal but yet, they write lyrics that are relatable and mind blowing. They write tunes that stir hearts and honestly, my music has subtly 'taught' me to forgive myself.
Shut up Rihanna, shut up Kanye - songs about boobs and money are so yesterday.
"Seriously, they're just boobs. Everyone second person in the world has them, what's the fuss?" - Julia Roberts in Notting Hill
Anyway, I also get to remember the shit I went through, to remember the propensities for unleashing mindless wrath packages at people and think back and just praise God that I had to go through the fire to be refined.
And to even remember how these friends and family have tolerated and built me up to be who I am today.
And His work in me isn't done yet; Lord I'm waiting to witness more of Your works in my life:)

So here I go.
I'll be keeping this blog because I cannot bear to part with my writing.
Yes my posts are my babies. They're gonna grow older soon.
You can watch me make newer babies at :)

how you've always remembered the owner of this blog as,
Ling :)

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