Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ling's Black Book presents...

A Five-Day-Long Post
Part II

18 June 2KX
Nikko Hotel
Hong Kong, duh
And indeed, I did get more printed tops!
Causeway Bay's Retrostone was such a great find for accessories and printed tees.
I couldn't stop raving about it.
This crazy shopping spree has unleashed the bimbo side of me and I've spent a massive but reasonable amount of money on the clothes and makeup that I've bought.
Hong Kong's great finds are along little lanes or up a flight of unflattering steps that lead to magical boutique wonderlands for the Shopaholic.
Island Beverley is one more place to grab unique stuff :)
Shopping, I have to say, is sweet, sweet madness. 
I didn't write anything for the 19th of June because I was dead tired.
Pictures speak a thousand words anyway.
The captions should do too.

I found this underneath my bra in my luggage
Lunch was undeniably good this time round as well:

Chee Cheong Fun wrapped over crispy dough stick
(I didn't get to try this one):

Corn, mushrooms and greens

Some eggy-tasting cake 

I think this is Vegetarian Har Kow. Very yummy:)

Personal Favourite #1: Char Siew Bao

Personal Favourite #2: Crispy dough with chewy Pumpkin

That's a lot of food, I know

Ron smoking squid

They were having a 'photo fight'.
Will tries to cheat by reaching over for her camera.


So we went to Causeway Bay after lunch.
The famous Hong Kong tram that I really wish I could've been on.

There was this shop where we could do some stamping.

I loved this place.
It's some Exports chain which sells shoes at a slightly lower price but the clothes weren't very cheap.
This place had so many things and exploring its many corners was just as pleasant:)
Hide-and-Seek would be a good game to play here. Seriously.

Adidas Apparel store. I want this on my room wall.

And then we had some Mango dessert.
Jia Yun's Mango + Coconut Noodle

Da-Sao's Honeydew + Crystal Balls amongst what-nots

This place was a great hit. SHIOKKKK store to shop at, I tell you.
The clothes weren't too expensive and the accessories were whoooots!!!

Examining part of a goose's brain/whatever-that-is

Finally, a fluffy egg tart.

You want? :)

Yeah I don't mind *drools*

Traditional Dragon Beard candy

The uncle was so nice to let us have some for free.
We bought 2 boxes.
You bet my Dad loved it :)

Pot Rouge 02 Calypso Coral Blush

By Bobbi Brown

New make-up is always so purrfect and..


Getting ready for the wedding dinner @ Shangri-La

Feeling pretty achieved.
Throw in some glitter dust and tadaa! we be looking FAB <3

Ron wanted a photo all by himself

So I scooted over to Clara and took one with her! Hmmph.

JY's super awezum hair done by Jia

Hello Clara

Smiley smiley:)

Will and Karen K.I.S.S. *awww*

Uncle Charles - Karen's Dad

A fake Diesel bag that I bought from Ladies' Market in Mong Kok
(With Ron being a very good shopping partnet + bargainer)

Swirly night mode on camera

The view outside our room window

To Be Continued...