Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

A Five-Day-Long Post
Part III
"The Last Post"
from the Black Book
20 June 2KX

For the things I've gone through during these two weeks, I give thanks.
Because it has made me tougher and (not to boast) wiser.
I don't need to shout to be heard.
I don't need to brag to let people recognise my talent & capability.
I don't have to respond when I'm not required to.
I have learnt to listen.
I have learnt to tolerate and to overcome.
That's it.

Suicidal thoughts ran through my head last night, because I embarrassed myself. 'Extreme much.' (I know right.)
I caught myself, and I was actually quite shocked at how my emotions had the ability to bring me close to the edge.
Then I remembered: I have God.
I told Him, "I will choose to trust You, that You can change the situation."
Jia was there and the comfort and the words she said to me were so true and encouraging:) Yayyy (L)

It's Father's Day and I can say that my dad is elated and satisfied.
He put so much time and money into this beautiful wedding - only to take a step back, look at it and say to himself, "All is well."

Chinese New Year 2009
 My father is the most hospitable man I have ever known.
He puts other people's needs before him. When my friends came to sleepover, he bought them madeleines and some pastry first thing in the morning before we got up.
He uses his financial resources to help people he hasn't even seen for years - trust issues definitely come in here and it really makes my blood boil if people misuse that trust.
My father is also a great golfer; he shows me that if I'm passionate about something, go for it and DO YOUR BEST.
Work hard at it, train whenever you have the time and you'll eventually hear Kevin Rudolf's "I Made It" soundtrack in your head when people speak your name.
And all this is not achieved because of "man's envy of his neighbour" but of pure passion, sincerity and determination.
Sure, he's a walking chimney with bellows of smoke shimmying out of his mouth now and then but honestly, those cigarette breaks have given me quality time to talk with him about everything under the sun on the deck of our home.

Dad's Birthday 2010
From ODB, on the 20th of June:
1 Thessalonians 2:1-12 says: "We exhorted, and comforted, and charged every one of you, as a father does his own children."
My dad binds our family together: to exhort is "to call near".
My dad listens: to comfort is "to console".
My dad declares his support for me: to charge is "to affirm".

Queen Mary Cruise, Southampton
15 June 2006
Chinese New Year remains as a must to bring everybody together as well as Sunday night dinners.
My father has also played a significant role in my spiritual walk.
If he hadn't given me the freedom to explore Christianity, I wouldn't have grown this much as a person.

Eastern Europe Trip 2008
Pa even takes the time to send me to church every Sunday morning.
The most touching fact is that he waits up for me on late nights when I go out with friends and come home at around twelve to one in the morning (this is when I have concerts that are held at the Expo).
He knows I'm afraid of the dark, so he leaves the light on whenever he's too tired of waiting:)
I feel comforted when I listen to the sound of his firm footsteps thudding up and down the stairs, or even the slight murmuring of the commentator on the Golf Channel at 5 in the morning.
I feel like the most loved little five-year-old girl whenever I'm around him and I'll always remain that way.
I love my Dad and he knows I do.
It's really nothing, to write this post about him after the mini but significant sacrifices he has undergone for me.

Dad and me at present
19 June 2010
Will's Hong Kong Wedding Reception

I'm sitting in a smokey room that doesn't really smell of wine and cheap perfume.
To end off:
Whether it's being ignored on purpose, or being picked to have a debate with: I give thanks because these scales on my eyes have been peeled off and now I can see clearly.
That although this world has its fair share of meanies, God puts them in my life to build me up into a well-meaning individual with self-control, tolerance, sincerity and love.
A drama queen doesn't deserve her title if she can't control the drama, eh? :)

If I don't make it out alive,
Tell 'em that I've grown stronger and that Heaven is where my treasures are stored in.

John 6:27 says "Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that ENDURES to eternal life."


-- End --

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