Monday, June 21, 2010

Ling's Black Book presents...

A Five-Day-Long Post 
Part I

16 June 2KX
Nikko Hotel
Hong Kong

Dear Shawn and Kelsie, if you're reading this, do not bother tagging :)

This trip to Hong Kong was not random: we had the intention of attending my brother's wedding dinner there. 
We stayed in Nikko Hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui.
The rooms get complimentary plates of cookies and fruit everyday.

I like the one with the Pink cross
At the train station on the 3rd day:)
Today I saw the most jaw-dropping, show-stopping pair of heels along Tsim Sha Tsui's shopping lanes.
Black and gold is seriously the way to go.
Throw in those secksy military chains and voila! you're ready to strut that street!
I'm just so amazed by fashion and how it has no limits imposed on it.
And make -up as well.
I can't resist it - I just can't flip through a fashion magazine without stopping to give my eyes a treat on every page.
And I go through that magazine really, really slowly and I never want that visual feast to end. *sparkle sparkle*

I've been spending so much time with my family recently.
Today I heard a comment that broke my heart and thwarted my perception of that person but I shrugged it off anyway.
I'm glad I had Ron to talk to :)
There are so many things that I'm discovering about myself and other people.
Sometimes people don't sound nice because, maybe, (frankly and positively) they just don't know how to be nice.
Talking to Ron, Michelle and Lifeng over these two weeks was somewhat of a spiritual encouragement and love at its best.
To have someone listen.
To have someone respond (not laconically) - to have someone help me see others in a positive light; to train my mind to see the good in a person with sincerity. Even if the damage inflicted is on purpose.
I've always been critical and I think it's time to change that.

Hong Kong promises me freshly baked eggtarts in the morning.
I say this because going to Macau for that authentic shit is kinda impossible :(
Tomorrow, those shoes (I hope I pray I WANT) will be mine.
Day One is over because it's 1:07 now.
Jia Hui is my room mate.
Happy Holidays everybody :)

17 June 2KX
Nikko Hotel (again)
Country: Go figure

Today, I'm proud to say that I own that pair of heels.
I'm a happy girl.
I just bought the most psychedelic-ish printed crop top ever and I'm blushing just by looking at it :$ (It knows that I have a major crush on it)
I gotta say that I appreciate the oversized+printed+crop top look much more after trying it on.
It really compliments my frizzy hair and poofy bangs. Sweeeeeet.

This year's Monsoon look is, apparently, the hippie look with headbands and large oversized shirts with loads of colourful rings and bangles thrown in.
Don't forget that crazy bag with loads of patchwork and Persian-carpet-inspired patterns. 
Having something plain will cramp its entire style.
Mmm the hippie look isn't one of my faves.
I'll just get giddy while looking at myself in the mirror.
Like if I wear a large tie-dyed shirt and because the most common pattern is centralised in the middle, I'll get hypnotized by my own stomach and I'll literally start falling head over heels.
Then maybe I'll really start seeing stars (why'd you go and put stars in my eyes!) and reliving Saturday night's drunken dreams.
And date a boy named Jack.

The food here in HK is ah-mazin'.
Chew on this, peaches.
For breakfast we had:
Eggtarts + 'Pineapple' buns (that doesn't taste like pineapple, it's just crusty sugar baked on top)
I look delighted, I know - I am!
Chee Cheong Fun
Lunch was even more satisfying:
Toasted bread with Butter and Condensed Milk drizzled on top
This wins hands down.
Crispy noodles with prawns and tomato ketchup
Cantonese French Toast definitely makes it on my Favorite Food List too
Auntie Nancy slicing that goodness up :O
My mom spent a bomb on dinner this evening:
It was such a beautiful place with a beautiful view.. with a beautiful bill too.

An interesting drink with papaya and soft potato.
Very orange and very pretty:)
Wrapped vegetables
Common Shark's Fin soup
This fishie had its scales on while getting cooked!
I have never seen a fish being cooked without being scaled (yes I know I'm some mountain tortoise).
The waitress definitely peeled those scales off before serving.
I love how every dish is presented so well (except the fish)
Abalone with Mushrooms cut up in cubes.
If I were still five, I would've taken that shiny mussel shell :P
The Laser Show just outside the window from the dining table at 8 o'clock
Dessert was interesting:

Pastry in the somewhat successful impersonation of a Walnut with warm Black Sesame filling
Peanut-shaped Cookie
Sesame Ball with Lotus filling
A little photo editing makes the world a little brighter:)
This Pumpkin shaped Mochi with hot Red Bean filling really caught my attention.

My mom spent a bomb on dinner this evening.
Oh and Jia forces me to give her my hair straightener and her iPhone alarm just makes me go "O.O?! wtfbbqwtfeatshit" the moment I wake up.
Jia is having "act cute time" where she squeals Jia Yun's name over & over.
"Yannie! Yannieeee!"

I must buy more printed crop tops.
Just can't get enough.

To Be Continued...

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