Thursday, June 3, 2010

here without you

A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes

The song Cosmic Love draws me into a world that lets my mind fly all the way to the moon, around the world, looking for the One.
The One who can tear me apart and break me down but build me up again in a second.
The One who has all my heart and all my thoughts, before I go to bed and the very moment I wake up- he has it all.

So here I am, in my mother's tiny jewellery room.
Gorging myself on large green grapes, crying and listening to Florence sing her Lungs out in my ears.
And at the same time, I feel so relieved to be talking to Zakaria right now because, he is truly the only thing I've been looking forward to spend time with all day long.
Maybe you think I'm crazy but I don't care.

Cos you're the only face in the crowd I seek out
Your eyes are the only pair of eyes that mine will ever want to lock contact with
You really are the only thing I see right now
Your heart is the only one I want to hold and kiss
3 years, 3 years and on and on we go
Promise me you'll love me
I'll always be foolish for you, I'll always be silly
That's all I'll ever be for you
I'll be that first love and it will never die, 
it will never die

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