Thursday, May 27, 2010

I was on and I chanced upon a Christian band Starfield.
Amazing how God can minister to me right here right now: A thought popped into my head as I was listening to "Reign In Us" and God told me "My fingerprints are not only marked on every silent moment like this when you plug in your earphones and listen to My still small voice- My fingerprints seal off every single day that I make, every single day that you live."
Just knowing how the Lord is everywhere, no matter where I am, always there when I need Him- that means a whole lot to me.
Many times we take the Lord for granted but He never forgets about us and He never ceases to provide for our needs.

There's a cry in my heart
For Your glory to fall
For Your presence to fill up my senses
There's a yearning again
A thirst for discipline
A hunger for things that are deeper

For what do I have
If I don't have You, Jesus?
What in this life
Could mean any more?
You are my rock
You are my glory
You are the lifter
Of my head
Lifter of this head 

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