Thursday, February 11, 2010

I can't help but feel a pang of jealousy whenever I surf the net and find illustrators and artwork that is up to my capability but I haven't acted out on creating one yet.

I don't like missing someone if he/she doesn't miss me back.
It's retarded.
It's like squeezing my heart dry.
Egocentric guys are losers.

Two Little Boys:

When Monica shows me to the door I say to her, 'I love you,' and she says, 'Don't say that, Nige,' and I say, 'But it's true,' and she says, 'You need to see a shrink, Nige. Are you still living with Deano?'

'Nah, I got out. Me and Deano aren't best mates anymore, Monz. I don't even hang out with him. I've really changed.'

'Well, next time you see Deano, why don't you ask him where my Kate Bush CD is, where my Beatles Abbey Road CD is, where my Billy Bragg is, where all my fucking Bowie CDs are?'


'He stole my B section, Nige. He stole the entire B section out of my CD collection.'

(And then I started laughing. Then "LINGGG!! DINNNEEERRRR!!!" And I go "Orhhh!!!")

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