Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sometimes I only have one thing to say but I go on and on about it.
You know why?
Because I can.
Your mom is your mom and I am me.
So suck it up and live with it.

Moving on.
If I had a band, I'd name it The Tralalas.
Because I want it to be Christmas all year round.
But then again, Christ is born only once, so I might be forgetting what the whole meaning of Christmas is.
This train of thought is good.
Because I think before carrying actions out.
Then maybe I save 70% of my mind from regret.

So today I decided to go out. 
There's nothing wrong with going out alone, especially if you're doing shopping.
At least people don't drag you around and in the end you don't get to go to the places you want to.
Unless you've got loads of common interest with that person.
Or if you don't give in easily- which I do, so people take advantage of me and I get pissed and then everyone's unhappy (haha).

So I lined my upper lid and dabbed turquoise/blue eyeshadow along the under eye. 
I looked like a mysterious tropical bird lady but I didn't care.
Point: I put make up because it's fun- it's art.
I still feel 100% confident without it. That's what I realised during the week after my cousin said a girl looks more natural without make up.
I was watching an episode of Desperate Housewives and the little girl asked Eva Longoria: "Mommy, when can I put makeup?"
And Eva Longoria replied: "The day you know you don't need it."
I'm really thankful to have my cousin Carrina around, she's God-sent for this season of my life man.

Went to That CD Shop at Pacific Plaza.
Walked up the stairs and I fell down.
I was like SHIT and everyone looked at me and then I picked up my bag and walked up, like nothing happened.
I bent my nail. Who the hell falls on their nails when they try to break their fall?!
My nail doesn't hurt anymore but I'm afraid it might break off if I don't watch it carefully.
That CD Shop didn't have The XX's album. Lousy.
So to avoid further embarrassment ("Oh that's the girl who fell down just now right" kind of scenarios), I took the escalator down and walked out from the back, past the first floor's cashier and went all the way to Borders.
I bought "The Swan Thieves" then I found another book, "Two Little Boys".
So I refunded The Swan Thieves and bought Two Little Boys.
I obviously went to a different cashier.
Two Little Boys has got an F word on every page but it's hilarious and that's what I need.
Nothing has made me laugh much this whole week.
Everyone's gone.
Not literally, but crudely put.. they're gone.
Off to school, off to work, off to sleep, off to Taiwan and I'm lazy to call or talk.
So it's just You and me Lord.
At Borders I was waiting in line (duh) and I thought "Hi God" and a fuzzy feeling swept over me and He was like "Hey".
You guys probably think I'm crazy but that's how personal God gets.
He rocks.

Then later I got a Sephora eyeshadow brush (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED) and now I'm going to town again.
To meet Angel and Eric and sometimes we get stuck in shit situations where we absolutely have nowhere to go.
But do I care? 
As if you do.

Yeah I'm half angry, half at peace.
I remember what Liyana told me when I asked her "what if there's a God".
And she said "I would ask Him to take me away from here."


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