Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Realised how much I love Jia and Yun.
I had fun talking and laughing with them over Mango sorbet on Sunday night.

I look like poof in that photo. Oh well. 
My coussie Carrina is in Singapore! (I haven't taken photos with her yet):
So yesterday I've concluded that having her around is like undergoing therapy.
Because she understands the emotions that kill me most of the time. 
She's going to be here for 6 weeks, living under the same roof as me.
She really hates her work, so I'm going to reserve Saturday entirely for her! 
We're kind of alike. Just that I'm not determined and she has some God-given perseverance in most things.
And we're both nuts over food. Just that she works out and I kinda .. uh.. don't. 

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