Tuesday, December 29, 2009


You say you can't be bothered
You say there should be no pain
I say you leave me hanging
I say you've got my heart under lock and chain

Because in memories like these
Comes pride
Comes lust
A conflagaration
Then moments later,

I'd like to beg for more of you
But somehow acknowledging
That to have you taken away from me
Will be to my advantage and learning
That the world is never what it seems,
And giving into temptation will forever lead to me reaping

Reaping the same foolish thought I sowed
(Into soil that would slowly erode and crumble then fade)
That I'd be your love
That you'd never want another:

Lust that is.
Her eyes gleaming like diamonds on fire,
Her lips full but cracked and dry as bone,
Her heart as that of ebony,  along with
Her intent of being queen, a destiny of great might and claiming her victory alone.
Selfish as it is.
Selfish as you are.

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