Thursday, December 24, 2009

Indie is so Sexaaayyy

They didn't stop cooking. Best aunts in the world:)

Why do my specs look like they've got transition lenses.
Maybe it's the lighting. Oh well.
Baby Have ya heard?
I love The XX.
Only thing about searching for their songs on Limewire is that you get truckloads of porno.

I have 40% more Christmas shopping+wrapping+card-making to do.
I painted wooden wands that I bought from Spotlite.
Next stop: Get ribbon!
Happy Birthday Ryan and Lawrence!

Manicure today. My dietician actually remembers what colour my manicure was last Christmas!
Funky eh:)

I miss all of you.
Cara+Joseph please come back soon.
And I don't know where's Ongster.
But oh hail tomorrow.
We gonna get hugs and presents but at the same time, not forgetting what Christmas is about!
Cara is now at Lake Tahoe. She's going skiing tomorrow :O
So tomorrow night, Belle has invited Char and I to Portobelle's for Christmas dinner:)
AND THEN I'll go running on Saturday.

I am in my room, freezing my ass off as usual.
I watched Chris Crocker's astrology:good or bad video.
He said Scorpios have superiority complexes and they pick on people's weaknesses alot, and they like people to think they're mysterious. They also choose friends who are dumber than them most of the time; friends they can play around and manipulate with. I didn't hear anything good about them.
But the good and bad about Sagittarians are that they're too truthful.
They're loved because they're truthful and sometimes hated because they're truthful.
And they like to think alot about life; we're philosophical:)
Yeah you'd like to think "NO WAY, LING NEVER BELIEVES IN ALL THIS SHIT."
And here comes my "this-is-so-liling" reply.
"I don't know, it just ENTIRELY describes the person that had my hormones raging!"
(Then I shy away from the fact that I believe in this crap. But it's true crap, right!?)

Christmas Eve dinner tonight.
This year I'm going to write those distant nieces cards.
And THEN I hope this helps them to stop talking to me like I don't know anything about life.
I mean come on, even if I live under a rock, at least moles and earthworms come to visit too okay.

I did shit.
Nuts, I know. You guys know I'm nuts.
I hate shaking shit off.
But it was hot, right?

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts. says:
 i guess thats the only way
 sometimes our reactions lag.
 (i) schokolade says:
 thats so true
 do yours lag?
 woaaaah thats so trueee!!!
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts. says:
 hahah yeah mine lags most of the time
 i know right!

I love you Belle I love you Char I love you Cara I love you Lawrence I love you Joseph and sometimes Lime who is MIA most of the time

Long ago post:

If ever I should fall,
May I fall at your feet,
And never away from You.

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