Sunday, November 15, 2009

Up! Coloring Contest

Hey there sweet thang.
I'm going to get Ben & Jerry's and my parents shall never know!
And I shall indulge in it as I watch Gossip Girl online!
I'm still stuck at Season 2:(
So the past few days have been good fun.
Plain, satisfying fun.
Like playing truth or dare with alcohol for company, laughing non-stop till morning, watching Paranormal Activity, watching funny shows on my bed in my room with Cara, Lime and Lawrence, getting new makeup, eating at Sushi Tei with Char, Joseph, Lime, Lawrence and Cara, staying over at Nida's and just.. bumming around.
Bumming around shall sustain me for only a little while.
For I get restless and moody!
Sooo... I'm going for a job interview at Harijanto's next week!
He's going to be away for a few days so he told me to go down next week:)
And I wear makeup to work too! Hurray!

I want to get books.
Like spend all my money on novels and art books.
So many words, so little time.

Watching my friends get high in the early morning is hilarious.
You can never get as much entertainment from the way Wan Him told Cherng En "you look so sexy to me, the way you come running to me and your fats keep bouncing up and down, it's so sexy".
Oh my gosh. And SHAWN. And ERIC AND WANHIM being like couple of the year.
There's more to come, I'm sure of it.

Today we watched Moulin Rouge + Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist in my room!
The three of them were scarmbling for the blanket.\
I love that movie.
Moulin Rouge made me cry because I thought of Zakaria:(
And I rushed to be with him online after they left:)

Life's kind of aimless now.
But it's a good kind of aimless.
The time is here, when you let your hair down and party nonstop without thinking.
It's fun fun fun in your face 24/7 fun fun fun.
A "different type of fun".
But we like it this way, don't we?:)
Guitar practice with Daren tomorrow! WHOOOOSH
I am going to be sixteen in 15 days!

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