Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Believe it or not, it's November.

Call me drama, call me hell.
Call me your faithful friend, call me an irritant.
I am all that. 
Including the irony in between.
Some things should be left unsaid, I never forgot what somebody told me.

Took that photograph of the Christmas Tree at Foster's.
Foster's has amazing Christmas decorations:)
I had an oxtail stew on Sunday and Jia didn't like her cod.
Correction: Jia DOESN'T like cod.
But Yun likes cod. "It's the best fish in the world!" she chirrups. 
Now I want fried battered cod with chips. Geez.
They like my friend Dexter's Big Mac/Fish fillet/5 seeds on top jokes:)

I'm scared of it all.
Scared that we're going to fast forward, without stopping to look at each other in the eye to say we're sorry.
I understand.
But I'm scared.
As my cousins put it, "control cool".
But you still don't win.
You're just proven right.

And worthy.

I'm gonna scuttle all the way to Simply Bread at Guthrie now.
Roasted beef sandwich, physics and chemistry - all of that in a white, canteen-like eating place.
Cold and clean.
Like you and me.

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