Sunday, September 27, 2009

World: you burn

Last night = the most fun I'm gonna ever have in ages before the O Level exam kicks my ass sore.
Angel + Eric + me = funny funny funny talk shit funny funny giggle sing dance funny funny bleah

I have exactly 14 minutes to let you into my brain to explore what I've been thinking about today.
Woke up at 7.35 and spent 10 minutes lugging myself out of bed.
Got ready, got into my blue dress, eye-liner application was easy, grabbed my Bible and got into the car.
Rumble rumble rumble.
"Bye Dad! I'll call ya later when I wanna come home!"
Walk walk walk. Huff puff up the steps.
Sang with all my heart the lines: "Though my world may fall, I'll never let You go.."
Worship was over.
Trot trot trot up the steps with Char and Lawrence.
Passed around the remainder of the lollies I kept for a week in the fridge and listened to Dean in class.

He shared about Missions today.
Missions being us doing God's work about letting people know about Christ and even reaching out our hands to people who need us.
That was when I realised I was being selfish.
Angel and Eric were eating at the shops opposite Cineleisure last night and an old lady came to our table, begging.
I didn't give her money and even told Angel not to give her that 2 bucks she had.
But she did anyway, and she said maybe the woman could buy herself a bowl of noodles.
But I shook the thought off anyway.
Till this morning came.
I realised that even if I didn't want to give her the money and not know what she would spend it on, I could have provided for her by buying her a drink or a packet of food.
I was being selfish last night, and its people like us that indirectly rob them of their money and not even want to give any back.
It's called the cycle of poverty.
Here's a video that Dean let us watch today.
I'm so going for Missions.
I don't wanna just have a music/art studio and get a husband and do shit and have kids and get a cat.
I wanna dream big things for God. 

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