Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What makes me happy is that I have metallic chocolate brown nails.
(superficial statement but forgive me)


'N I am guilty just like you
You who tore open my heart
And scraped away the blackness
Helpful, joyful,
You who deemed me as Frie_d

'N I am exhaustion upon exhaustion
A lonely heap of argument
Spit and rage,
Spite and pride
I who deemed you as Frie_d

'N you came along
The point is that you came
Along with no fear,
With beer but without war
With blue but without cold
You whom I've deemed as Frie_d

But later, things change
Later my head is whipped around to
See you stoning me from behind
This behind I call 'back'
I thought you had it.

'N I watch you hurl hurt into my quivering pupils
My lips are kissed red and bruised purple
I like you, your way of doing things
It is sweet, in-my-face,
Straightforward, honest,
Honor, Haunting
Yes, I like this betrayal

And, N, N, N
It goes on and on and on and on,

A poem by me about the betrayal of a friend.
It's nobody in particular, just something that I've been seeing among my circle of friends.
The repetition of 'n's gives a ringing sound, like betrayal being portrayed as a cliffhanger in our minds.
Forever present - forgiven, but present.
:) Hope you pretty babies like it.

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