Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life just means so much when you have people who appreciate you.
For the inside; your heart, and not you on the surface.
Suddenly I'm not that vulnerable to hurt anymore.
I just look at the people who love me for who I am and ignore the people who have problems with me.
These problems that need accepting from others, not changing myself for people.
I realise that some people can talk things out and settle issues effectively, while others are afraid; they hide behind masks and think that others can't see through them.
But these masks are just so, so transparent that your heart hurts everytime you see how broken they are on the other side.
Your heart hurts, because you know that you are just like them, as broken and as tired of the world.
So this is when you want to step in to help.
You start to knock on the door of their hearts and ask if they could let you in.
You then contribute to the tiny fissures and cracks on their masks, making them bigger and more in quantity- until there are so many that they can't hold together anymore and everything smashes onto the ground into shiny smithereens.
This is when you hold their hands to walk out of their pain.
You are then called 'Friend'.
And it is a title you honour and appreciate and cherish.
:) mmhmm.

Faces are so beautiful.
I want to sketch and paint my friends' faces for their graduation gift.

Meeting God and making everything right with Him feels so good.
It feels so good to be pure.
When I drank the Holy Communion grape juice today, I asked God to cleanse me of the abuse I did to myself.
And as it went down my gullet, my entire body shook and I almost crushed the little plastic cup I held in my right hand.
Yesterday God gave me a thought, of making things right with me again and my left hand clenched itself tightly without my knowledge- the left hand that I committed my secret sin with.
Today it was the right hand.
Jesus is my Righteousness, and He will save me when I cry out to Him for salvation.

Give thanks with a willing heart, give thanks.

All of my life
In every season,
You are still God,
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to

(You make it easier to be me)

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