Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Once we start, we ain't gonna stop! OHHHH!

 Dearest Vanida Loh,
I didn't call you 'best friend' because I felt like it.
Or because you helped me to cut my hair.
Or even because of the most heartwarming fact: you've been carrying me on your back this entire week.
It's because you understand.
I think you have a gift, the gift that I didn't really realise I had, until somebody told it to me.
You don't read me like I'm some bloody literature text or poem.
You don't analyse me and observe my weird ways.
I'm actually significant to you!
So significant that you actually put your entire sole into my shoes and see situations through my eyes.
You put your entire foot down into my shoes! Not only your toes.
That I'm a friend you'll always want to retain and have.
A friend you don't want to discard.
Not a disposable, not somebody who is here but gone tomorrow.
Not somebody who will be there but whose presence makes no difference.
You tell me that I actually make the difference, whether there or not.
And I'll always be here, carrying you on my back when you need me.
I'm strong enough to, I am :)
I love you awesome chick, to the max :)
Love ya loads,

Sometimes the coldest and thick-in-the-head-est people inspire me to write poems.

Dizzy: Blood Pressure At Its Lowest

You are a hole that tries to swallow me whole
But I'm runnin, I'm gettin out of this rut
You who tried to make me play the antagonist's role,
You who swore to me that I had no gut

I've been sinking, spinning
Like a whirlpool, uncontrollable and blue
Lights are shining, blinding,
I'm falling into hell, and so are you.

But revenge is sweetest at its best
Revenge that is subtle, tiring for you
To watch your knees bleed on shattered smithereens
To watch the righteous rise to perfection, brilliant white, pure and clean

To watch the hurting make their stand
Their tragic complaints of war can thus, come to an end
Make sure you be there to see me
Me on the stage, me who shall lead, fight and fucking defend

I am dizzy
Dizzy with hope
Dizzy with the victory of you being gone!
Gone is the fire that was once fiercely ignited within me
It has finally left my bones

Blood pressure at its lowest
Faint, faint
But knowing all the while
Your sainthood will never be gained.

- - - - -

STOP THE UNDERLYING DEATH YOGA for the Singaporean student's brain


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