Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flashing. Heart to Stone. Heart to Stone.

I feel good.
I had a Wonder-Nap.

Brisbane at the end of the year.
GO AWAY, Queensland!
If I couldn't get THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD, don't talk to me!

But anyway.
This post is for a friend turned best friend.
Your tolerance is nuts.
I could never be like you, never be this tolerant of everything.
I broke it and I'm happy I did.
One day it'll be what I did for you too. (L)
Heart to stone, Heart to stone.
"I have you and you have me."
You know what's important in that line?
"You have me."

When God puts giants in our lives,
He wants us to have faith and to listen to His voice,
that we are able to OVERCOME them without fear.
To always know that He loves us.
And damn it, that's ALL that matters to me.

Hey you remember this line?
"We don't need the world."

Take me as I am.
Because emotions that are to be controlled will slowly turn fake.
And I will no longer be the person you knew.
If you'd like it, if you'd like it.
But I'll never change for you.
Because I didn't purposely choose that bloody time to cry.
Words, the easiest medium to slice and cut.
I never did hear you say it in my ear before.
But now that I have, the first cut is always, ALWAYS, THE DEEPEST.

"i'll put a spell on you.. and when you wake up you'll realise that you love.. me."

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