Saturday, August 8, 2009


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Yellow bougainvillea are in bloom.
It 's a pretty sight.
I envy my neighbour's room; it faces the garden in our basement.
Funny how I use the word 'our'.
My parents are in Hong Kong.
I miss the way Pa uses the word 'our'.
Home doesn't feel like home without them.
The house is quiet and I get jumpy the moment I hear noises.
But I like this house. It's the only one I've got and the only one I'll always prefer.
I remember a writing tip that everyone probably knows by now :)
It's waking up in the wee hours of the morning to start writing.
Imagine writing when the entire house is quiet, with a mug of hot coffee and the occasional rumbling of a car passing by on the road.
Imagine listening to the rhythm of sighing and funny bouts of sleeptalk your family makes, every breast rising and falling at its own relaxed pace. 
That's when all the magic & glittery pixie dust swirls around with gentle tinkling sounds and like Cornelia Funke, Dustfinger just steps into the room and makes his presence known with his firebreathing!
That's called SKILLZ.
Imagine England.
In your very own two storey house.
With white furnishing and cold, wooden flooring.
And your cheeky Persian cat pads across the carpet and snuggles up to your feet.
It is late fall and early Winter.

I'm overjoyed. 
Pa has told me to 'consider London' on the phone yesterday. *hops-screams-squeals!*
My brother Will is there with his bride-to-be, Karen and my dad will feel entirely OK and supportive of me being there.
A relative of ours, Natalie, whom I met just this year suggested London (because she graduated from there and now I'm going to check out her Facebook pictures).
Last time I visited her profile, she had a fabulous display picture of herself and her other friends in British schoolgirl uniforms.
I dig that, yes I do.
And she's in Hong Kong with my parents and her family as well!
Hmm but yknow even if I do make it there, I'm gonna bring heaps of Chinese books there to read.
I love Chinese and I never wanna forget how to write my Chinese name if I'm ever asked to!

Then again, Lord, everything is in Your hands.
Everything, everything, everything.
I love You, Lord, even if I haven't been good. 
I haven't been good, You know that.
But I don't feel bad about it. Of course, to a certain Xtent, I do.
But I don't now, because You're telling me to try again.
Just that.. I can't keep trying and keep walking those bridges of sin without having the determination to burn them to the ground
Because "The day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night."
I want to be prepared for You, to be righteous and to tell You that:
"Lord, I haven't tried my best.
I did my best."

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