Sunday, August 9, 2009

Watched 'Up' with my classmates yesterday fun fun funny fun fun haha fun pure fun
Then I reached home around nine-ish and watched Ratatouille on Disney Channel
The best part of the day (seriously) was watching Snow Patrol on MTV World Stage LIVE in Dublin, Ireland
I almost cried while watching it
Imagine millions of fans singing your song, truly loving your music
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L I tell you, beautiful.

Church was pretty good even though Char wasn't there.
Worship was really nice.
You know, there are so many things about God that I realised about and yet.. I never did put them into action or did try to claim His promises at all.
I suck): 
Oh well I tried reading some Literature at church but I just ended up talking.
Char told me to forgive. Ew. It's so freaking hard to forgive but OKAY CHAR I'LL FORGIVE.
I just hope I'm not making the wrong decision. Then again, forgiving = 'you're never making the wrong decision by letting go' (model answer what)
So I came home, blasted Paramore from my speakers (I personally believe my neighbour was laughing throughout HAHAHA BUT I DON'T GIVE A SHIT) and started singing like some mad nut.
And now I'm here talking to Char on MSN and painting a blonde haired girl with a purple feather and blue scales in her hair :)
Singapore has come a long way and it's so awesome how God has been keeping us all together.
Yeah yeah Lee Kuan Yew rocks but God rocks more okay.
He showed us how He's kept Israel away from harm (loads of harm actually) and it's no wonder that He's able to bless Singapore so abundantly too. Beat that.
"Everything we've built up may come and go like the wind but Lord You remain and we pray that for everything that we have, hearts will be turned to You alone" (or somewhere along those lines)
It impacted me today during church. 

Yesterday (the day we watched Up):
Yami Yoghurt has a special offer! Just say I LUV SINGAPORE and you get free toppings on your yoghurt!
I got FREE mini cut papaya and the next time round, Nida and I decided to share so we got FREE fruiy pebbles.
Look at that 2nd picture among the 3 pictures I put up!
I think it's be categorized under 'chips' kinda snack. 
It's very very tasty. Very chippy. Yum yum.
Well Jia and her family are coming over to pick me up and we'll be going to Lie Ken's house to watch the NDP on TV but I'm seriously more excited for Singapore Idol.
Oh and I'm gonna be home before 11 PM because I'm gonna catch tonight's World Stage at 11 PM on MTV.
Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott, Kasabian~ wooohoooo

But nothing beats patrolling in snow. 
I miss you Zakaria
Psst I watched JONAS on Disney Channel.
I'm not a big fan of those boys but they're freaking funny.

Luv xx

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