Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For everything that you've said and the words that you've used to label me.
Mmm I'm shrugging it off, pushing that aside and I'm going to focus on what a friend told me to do.
I don't believe in luck, so I just have to live through this by prayer.

My motha was talking on the phone while I was slurping up my noodles and I heard her say "Do you want Pandora's number?"
So I started thinking and smiling at my fishballs floating in my soup bowl.
If I name my girl 'Pandora'
Her nicknames will be:
1. Pan-ny = Penny
2. Dora the Explorer
3. Dodo
4. Frying Pan
And finally, (the most OK one) 5. Rah

I want boots. Black boots with straps or buckles or laces.
Not Wellington boots.
The ones Melina's sis has!
My motha has been screaming "COME AND EAT LA PAPA" to my father for 3 times in a very annoying tone.
Therefore, I am annoyed.

I photocopied stuff last night using the printer my brotha bought for me.
Very cool.
I wrote out a study plan today in the library after school.
Kelsie (Kelvin) says I never did follow it and I never will.
So ah, The Diet Plan. THE DIET PLAN. It makes me feel ... gay.
I swore today. Loads of times.
I feel bad. Why must I express my anger in such a barbaric manner!

Natalie will be in Singapore next week and she's gonna tell me all about studying in England! Guess what...
She's a CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY accepted candidate!

And ah the expenses for boarding school is going to be woaaaah
Now the problem is. Co-ed or.. girls forever? (ew what if they're les) ohhh whateverrrr :)
Thought of a new song in the shower today. (I'm lazy to type out the lyrics, as always)
Water on sticky, tired skin feels gooooood.
I love Nicole and Nida and Mandy's facial expressions are funny.
I'm going to continue painting after eating my dinner.
Toodles noodles!

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