Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Leaving takes one
It means to go or to dismiss oneself

No, but you can't blame me
Cos "I did not call,
Did not open my heart"
I was not informed,
It's not my fault

For not being there
When somebody passes away
Or misses my presence
Because all that I took with me
Was sense
Blunt, blatant sense

Sense that you could not retain
The lack of sense that drove you insane
That drove you to ostracize me forever

Sense that was so dear to me
But it left you hanging
Regret calls but I do not run up to greet it
Regret calls, sings to me, but I do not
Run up to greet it

No, don't get me wrong
Because I'm not afraid of breaking
Just afraid of me not being able to let you see
See the 'you' you were afraid of
Not leave for the world to feast on,
No, no no
Never had that intention
But if you hate me
I could appear to you as 'all insistent'
But without evil intention

So leaving
Was all I did
All I could do
Giving up
Giving (you) up.. oh you.

So please don't blame me
Cos "I did not call,
Did not open my heart"
But you never wanted to inform
It isn't my fault.
For leavin'.

So whatever they say
To make me stay or go
Makes no differences anymore
No more

Voice: Still, I never liked leavin'.
If that's what you thought I loved doing.

A song without a tune for the moment, very dry
by me:)
Took back the song dedication.
So not worth it.

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  1. HAHA, omgosh, i cant believe you posted that unglam picture. you guys didnt even make space for me okay!