Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Our only kiss was like an accident - a beautiful gasoline rainbow."

"Ah I hate reflecting."
"But you always do!"

And Ryan Yang told me through those few words that .. I reflected often:)
It's something I don't want to lose, ever. It's the way God talks to me about my actions and feelings towards people or certain situations.
This week I was spiritually ill-disciplined.
Like abusing my own body and who God has initially made me to be - good.
Like letting my flesh take over my spirit.
Giving in, giving up.

Today Mummy brought me to Orchard Ion and we ate Sukiyaki Nabe and grilled salmon at Watami Japanese Restaurant!
(T'was a Mummy-take-me-out-then-come-home-and-study day)
You have to queue for a period of time to get in the restaurant but it's worth it.
It's cheap (extremely affordable, in other words) and the food is more than satisfying.
Then we drove to Mercedes Benz. Mom showed me the new Mercedes E-class.
My parents are gonna get it - I'm not bragging b'cos it's my parent's business but I really am excited, it's the same feeling as when you're getting a new dog:)
I looked at all the other E-class models which looked quite bleah-ish..
Then we took the lift up to the third floor and there it was.. the model coated with Palladium Silver, the one my parents chose- it literally made me go "woaaah!"


So after that we drove back home.
And having talks with my Mom is something I'll always appreciate, even if the conversation might turn sour suddenly.
Because she sees the more mature side of me.
It's something we both have, we can get angry but we're quite gentle in nature.
Reader: *coughs* *chokes* *splutters* 
Ling: AHEM! 
I mean having gentleness of the heart, although we are not thaaat slow to anger. 
We have internal conflicts raging inside us and all but the other side of us is.. wishing the best for each other, even though it comes across in a rude and ill-meaning way sometimes.
Like true love :)
It's quite general, like the way Atticus puts it, "Some people are real nice (Scout), when you finally see them."

Then Mummy said "you should really thank Auntie Le Ling and Auntie Mei Hwa", the one who talked to me about Jesus and the other as a family friend who attends the same church as I do respectively.
I thanked God immediately in the car because it was as if she saw a change in me.
I'm going to keep praying because He moves mountains, even with that little faith I have - He says it's enough.
I just wish my parents will wonder more about life and who You are, Lord.

Had an awesome time with Vanida, Lynette and Kelvin yesterday.
We cooked loads of food like mushroom soup, tomato penne pasta with herbs & tiny portobello mushrooms as the mix, scrambled eggs and a bowl of Vanida's Mummy's home-cooked red Thai curry. 
It was loads of fun, until the washing up part came.
Kelvin was on the loose.
He kept coming into the kitchen and I threatened to pull down his PE pants.
He wouldn't stop sniffing in my ear which sent a trillion chills down my spine.
I bit him and he strangled my hands sore in his sumo power grip.
We were hurling each other across the kitchen with 'hahaha-stop-it-lah-pushes' and when I wanted to free myself from his grasp, we started rotating in circles in a retarded, blinding motion that made me scared.
I was left on the floor exhausted of that Thing charging towards me and 'wringing' my hands as well as laughing like mad for two times.
Sounds like a sumo fight I KNOW RIGHT hahahaha
The three of them put on masks. And that Kelvin, as usual, was cleansing his oily pores and slapped cleanser onto my forehead while I was watching MTV.
Loved the part where we were all singing on the couch to It Ends Tonight by AAR on MTV.
AAR's lead singer is hawt stuff isn't he Nida? :)

"Mummy there'll be a time where God will ask you if you want Him or not everybody gets that chance."
And she said "Oh really?"
Yes really, b'cos I know He's not going to pass anyone by.

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