Monday, August 17, 2009

And if you go
You'd be tearing away a part of me
The part that I once trusted
That I once adored and felt comfort in
Felt good about myself
Said "the way you love me makes me
Love .. me"

Please don't say I'm merely a 'friend'
You told me I was your life, your everything
And if you leave
Won't you feel the strain too
Or was it such a coincidence
Yes, coincidence,
That your words were empty yet
Sweet like honey and laid on thick?

Loved the way you loved my body
(Hard and toned to perfection
Protective of all your insecurities)
Loved the way I laughed
Loved the way I'd spin you around on playground swings
Spin spin spinnnn till you'd go dizzy and tired --
Just like your moods
They go up, wheeeeeee! and down

Here I am
On the next day
Thinking about the way we had our last goodbye
Goodbye was
Just to make sure my heart does not overflow
Does not bleed too much
Once you've torn open a side
You have to seal the other
Seal it up well
Because I can feel the pain leaking, leaking

But if I am to lose you
Don't let forever last
Don't let forever last
Because forever was once my favourite word
Now, with you leaving,
Don't let forever last
Don't let forever be a must.

A friend has had a rough time
Felt his pain, felt it all
Hope he feels better and trusts in God 
Just like the way I always know he will :)

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