Tuesday, August 18, 2009


the gayest thing
to do
when your heart
is stuck on some shit
you can't get rid of
this shit is sticky and irritating
it won't come off
even if i've tried painting over this sore hole inside
with layers and layers of acrylic
progress has been good, it has turned to look like insignificant fissures and cracks
but suddenly its ripped apart again
i need words
to describe this
but i can't
and you'd rather not listen
i'm just a whole heap of misery
cry, cry, cry that's all i've ever did
heart over head, right?
but who cares
you never did try to make everything better
so you know what

you and me
shan't do anything about anything anymore.
leave it be.
because that's what you've always wanted.
to get up and go.
damn it
you do it so quickly
so my conclusion is
friendship is superficial to a small extent
because it doesn't get solved
to be part of the minority.

- just something i thought about :)
hope you guys like it

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