Thursday, August 6, 2009

This year there has been alot of pride to put down
Alot of changing to do
Alot of storms that God has calmed for me
And people whom He has put in my life..
All of them deserve a turn
Even the ones you haven't given me that turn.
A turn that requires me to listen to them and try to change for the better
So everyone tightens me
I'm like some loose screw
But they're tightening, tightening
Hurts at first, because it feels as if you're buckling under pressure
But in the end
I play tunes from the music box even longer than before.

Then I realise the way I treated friends who were hard to love.
They didn't change, haven't changed.
I loved them first.
And now I just have to keep forgiving, keep controlling my negative emotions.
I'd go home and cry it out.
And God helps me to love those people more, because He honours these struggles.
So to the ones who say I gotta change.
I'm having it my way.
If you say this is pride, ah... Too bad.

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