Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"what. you hate it because it's the Truth?!"

School was bleah. 
The toilet/tissue paper incident was really OMG and HAHAHA-ish.
Lynette was laughing at me about it. (oh well)
I realised that I need highly reactive babes around me.
Cos.. ya know.. they're sources of comfort.
Learning Lab was as awesome as usual.
Because Miss Ligaya Ong is the best teacher in the world!!!
She knows how we work, every single one of us.
She knows how I work - she tells me she can't follow my train of thoughts when I'm doing comprehension :P
She knows I'm kinda off tangent and I think too much.
And that I'm artsy and I'm a frequent worksheet doodler.
Well, at least she knows me in a personal way :)
I love Freedom Writers.
No wonder my kor cried after watching it.hahahahaaaa
Realised that's how Esther treats me.
The way she's telling me, the way Hilary Swank told Andre.
"I'm not giving up on you and I'm not letting you fail because I see you, you. And what you can become. So change your evaluation score from an F. No trippin'!"
So the world asks
"Why the hell are you overreacting like that?"
It means you're stupid to let your emotions rule over your head.
Ah yes sweet thang it is stupid.
But what if it's .. uncontrollable:)
What if you never had any intention to allow your feelings to take control of your actions at all?
What if.. being emotional is only plain me.
I don't know about you but I'm just trying hard to change.
I gotta tweak and not think about what my heart feels, ya know?


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