Sunday, August 23, 2009

No I didn't forget.
That's all your stuff on my wall.
I put it up yesterday. Saturday.
I didn't cry
I didn't show any emotion
But inside I felt this sore hole starting to form again.
I can't cover it up
Because everytime I pass by your Dad's restaurant
I ask myself if I did anything wrong.
I know I did, by giving up.
But we were both running away, weren't we?
So I ran first.
Because fear and pride was hot on my heels.
That song is Kelly Clarkson's Already Gone.
I put it on my MP3 just 2 days ago.
I didn't pay attention to it but after reading your post,
I did.
No I didn't forget.
I wanted to ask where you were today.
But I kept quiet.
Pride was my best friend today.
Thank you for letting me go.
But now,
(Through tears and alot of pain
And sadness because I was just so, so misunderstood
But you would never try to see it through my eyes..
Still I love you too, enough, to push my barrier down and ask)
Could you let me back in?
By the way.
You spelt 'buried' wrong.

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