Thursday, July 15, 2010

i hate the fact that i can't be there for you
i hate that sometimes i forget about you
and the word 'forget' scares me
bcos it just happens.
and i have no control over it
say it's an excuse but it's still gonna be true no matter what

it's so tiring keeping up with everyone
i hate how you say i'm not there anymore
when you haven't even spoken a word to me for three weeks straight
can you do some fucking self reflection
look at your bloody face in the mirror
no, not face - look at your heart, your hands

i'll always remember this moment
this moment when i'm sixteen going onto seventeen
that i was waiting all along for people to reciprocate

dear person whom i'm gonna love
please come into my life soon
i've been praying for you
i hope you're a good one
i hope you're what God wants me to have
i hope you love me back.

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