Monday, May 10, 2010

"b'cos this breaks me down to my knees"

as we grow older,
we learn to live with pain
pain that will always be a part of us
pain that portrays us as weaklings, failures, good-for-nothings
but yet without this pain, we wouldn't have grown
you wouldn't be standing with me
holding my hand, walking with me through this.
this pain has built you up
so that in turn, you can build me up too
you show me love, 
you show me empathy.

sad truth:
without purpose
we are like heroes without goals
a story that's ready to be written on the page but that's just not possible
because there is no motivation, no drive.
we are stagnant
poised, still, perfect for the world's standards
but we long for more
we long for it so much that we grow weak
because as each day passes without success of finding it,
there's really nothing to live for.

i'll say this again:
that's what everyone gets upset about
that's what throws us off the edge

Lord may we never stop encouraging our friends
because a kind statement goes a long way
it sticks onto my heart and it stays with me forever

you give me a little piece of heaven
and it stays in the 'pocket' which = the importance of our friendship:)

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