Monday, May 3, 2010

As I was smoothing out my hair, I was pondering upon a question:
What good are crushes if nothing's ever gonna work out between you & the person in mind?

My answer is nothing.
No good comes out of liking and going head over heels with that person if he/she doesn't like you back.
People tell me "oh that's the fun part about having being a secret admirer".
Once I was naive and I believed what they told me - which I obviously shouldn't have because they didn't realise how much it would hurt if they were to get rejected.
(Talk about using protection.)
I will never ever wear my heart on my sleeves ever again because people bump against it and it gets bruised easily.
Like a toe-may-toe.

So as Chris Crocker once said (I remember this vaguely)
"I've chased Love for too long. So this time, it's gonna chase me."

I won't even admit to myself that I like somebody anymore.
Because I'm a boy-smitten-airhead.
I float about and sometimes, when I'm ready to land, I get blown away in another direction when I think about the possibilities, which are 1% : 99%
1% chance of a relationship, 99% of being avoided by the guy.
It just takes too much of me and because I'm a hopeless romantic, prevention is better than the cure.

That person is going to make it happen.
"Oh but it's kinda fun when the girl goes after the guy!"
Yeah, when you get rejected, you're the joke.
Then when he accepts you, you start thinking about whether he really loves you and your jet black heart.
Can you girls just sit back and enjoy the chase?
We're way better off this way.
Choose the better filtering system.

Eye candy is a treat but love is.. hard to find.
Love is so hard to confirm.
I wonder if love can ever get mixed up with a whole different level of infatuation.
Hello Lust.

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