Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Servant King

"Crazy people always meet each other." - Try Sutrisno Foo

I feel thankful to be sitting on a glass table with an intricate mosaic piece engraved on the wall in front of me.
This is the kitchen, a place in the house that has the perfect atmosphere for doing homework or having a heart-to-heart talk.
The best time of the day to sit here doing what you do best is in the evening, with a cup of tea and two mini plates of cut chili and sauce beside it, representing half an hour just before dinner time.
The first two weeks of being in SP has trained me to choose friends carefully.
So this week I've learnt to choose friends who love me for who I am and I'm crazy glad that I've found that God-given bunch.
I'm pretty proud of myself for mixing around with everybody whenever I get the opportunity to.

Janna has been an amazing friend and she's a whole new set of eyes to the world around me.
She sees things from a whole new perspective and I'm sot thankful because she has been the most patient listener ever:)
Janna-banana, you're one of the cooler Malaysians and I love you loads as a friend:)

Also, for the past week, my new friend Try has been the cocoa in a chocolate bar.
Imagine if I were a magpie: Try is like the only sparkly thing among everyone else because he's just as crazy as I am.
He gets my jokes, he appreciates them and TRY'S ENTIRE LIFE IS ABOUT POKEMON (in which Shawn Lui says "ew" to) which is so kewl.

So for the past week I've been a "magpie" and I've noticed more sparkly people.
The goal I've set for myself is to get out of my comfort zone and mix around with everyone despite our differences.
Yesterday I acted on achieving my goal: I asked Jed on Facebook if I could have lunch with her and the other girls (awesomeness not ranked by order: Kelly,Elsa,Alicia,Hana,Genevieve,Kerri).
Honestly, lunch was so much better today (even if Try wasn't there).
And do you know what I'm sure of?
They've got my back.
You could say "geez, it's only the second week and you're trusting them with your whole heart".
I'd say "That's how trustable they are and if I ever lose out, for every painful reality I go through, I have Jesus."
And that's my point: The Lord is my portion and His joy is my strength.

This year I don't wanna be cool.
This year I want to be set aside, I want to be that special someone people can turn to when they feel tired or broken down.
I want to be God's little firefly, His beacon of light that's gonna be used mightily by Him:)

Many times I forget that my body is His holy temple and that the tongue is a dangerous weapon that has the very nature of fire - once let loose, it will destroy everything in its way.
Especially vulgarities. And no temptation is beyond what we can bear.
That means "f" words CAN be eliminated from my dictionary.
Right now I choose to surrender, I choose to be His hands, His feet, His servant who lets Him serve me.
Letting Jesus wash our dirty feet means letting Him take care of us and not think that He has better things to do when we have problems that we need to lay down at His feet.
That's how lovely Jesus is, He delights in serving us even if we're undeserving.
It kinda shows me that Jesus was a human like we all are and that He does not see Himself any higher than us, especially when He was willing to wash His disciple's unclean feet.
And when we surrender and let Him serve us, He shows us areas of our life that we have done wrong in - but in a way that is gentle, that does not break us down harshly because our God is a gentle and compassionate God.
So we don't ever lose out when we surrender to His plan.
This song serves as a reminder to how I should lead my life because I've forgotten to imitate this attitude of worship for too long.

  1. Take my life and let it be
    Consecrated, Lord, to Thee;
    Take my hands and let them move
    At the impulse of Thy love.
  2. Take my feet and let them be
    Swift and beautiful for Thee;
    Take my voice and let me sing,
    Always, only for my King.
  3. Take my lips and let them be
    Filled with messages from Thee;
    Take my silver and my gold,
    Not a mite would I withhold.
  4. Take my moments and my days,
    Let them flow in endless praise;
    Take my intellect and use
    Every pow’r as Thou shalt choose.
  5. Take my will and make it Thine,
    It shall be no longer mine;
    Take my heart, it is Thine own,
    It shall be Thy royal throne.
  6. Take my love, my Lord, I pour
    At Thy feet its treasure store;
    Take myself and I will be
    Ever, only, all for Thee.

Let me not be a hypocrite, let me bear the cross and to trade the desires of my flesh in exchange with the suffering You went through - because I want to experience a "different kind of happiness".
Which is to take joy and trials as suffering.
Because it's meaingful, because it's worth it.
You are worth it, Lord.


  1. Hi Liling you're soooo sweet :)so glad to make another christian friend like you too! ;D

  2. What beautiful words! You guys remind me of the first few weeks in school and I am green with envy!!! Haha. I'm proud to call you my lovely DTVM junior AND sister in Christ.

    Have fun in DTVM! (We only have 2 and 1/2 years with this bunch of crazy people... the last 6 months are going to be spent on internship... so treasure it with all your heart.)