Saturday, April 10, 2010

Love is not always Protects

This morning I am overwhelmed.
And this morning I feel that there should be justice done to my name.

Let me paint two figures for you.
There is a white spotlight hanging overhead, the entire room is of the purest, blameless white.
The first figure is Love.
He is clad in white rags - but now they are dirty because of stains that they have impressed upon the cloth.
His body is frail and it is translucent. You can see his veins, his inner core, his organs.
His body is frail but his heart is not; as his heart beats, fresh red blood pumps through his veins, representing life and a million chances.
He is old; he is mature.
He has a head of white ruffled hair the texture of cotton - ruffled, but not a mess or an eyesore upon sight.
Love smiles at me and as he does, his rosy cheeks glow.
His teeth are pearl white and his eyes - his eyes.
His eyes open up the window to his soul; his irises are of the softest ballet pink and the pupil is of the deepest night sky blue.
And they make me cry.
They make me feel accepted.

The second figure is Envy.
She is a young child around the age of seven.
Her body is not see-through; it is opaque and she trembles as her muscles tighten.
She is clad in red. She dons a dark red poncho, red maryjanes and black tights - like what a child dressed for the winter would wear.
You would think she was warm but she was freezing.
On her hair is a red ribbon with a black skull pin nestled in it.
Her jet black hair is pleated into the tightest braid- it is a braid so tight that you can see her perfect, white scalp clearly - so tight it would give you a migraine just by looking at it.
Her teeth are clenched behind her icy blue lips- a visual and physical representation of the grudges she bears and an unjustified wrath she has been holding back.
Envy has eyes like that of diamonds, they glitter and shine but the Diamond is the hardest mineral - and so is her heart.
It is rock solid and cold, unfeeling and apathetic.
She is bitter, she is selfish, she is envious and is never satisfied until the day Forgiveness comes and takes her away.
I feel sorry for her.
Envy looks at me and the diamonds in her eyes start to melt.
And she pleads, "Tell me where I can find Forgiveness, please."
But Forgiveness was right next to her and yet, she could not see him.

 "Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death."
James 1:15
This afternoon I am overwhelmed.
But this afternoon I know that justice has already been done to my name.
After I looked to Jesus and saw that He has overcome the grave.
I am loved, I am a King's precious and beloved daughter.
Michael Hussar is my new favourite artist.

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