Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i see my weakness being turned into strength by You

Okay guys should SERIOUSLY learn to watch their words.
B'cuz in the end the girl is the one who ends up being the one making the ASSUMPTION when you teased her with those honeyed words!
DON'T TELL ME I'M [insert suggestive/flattering description here] IF YOU'RE NOT INTO ME.
Then misunderstandings can lessen- I'm not saying they're going to cease but with LESS, we're good to go.

I love the name Catelynn! (and yes I have been watching Teen Mom on MTV and she's my fave girl.)
As you have noticed, I'm back from Penang and it feels real good to be home.
I've spent 5 solid days pouring out all my time and attention onto my family and definitely God.
And it feels good to be away from friends once in awhile.
Sometimes I get so caught up with having a social life that I forget about important things and people who will actually stay by my side forever.
My parents and God are like If-you-need-Love-then-look-nowhere-else 101 therapy kits to me.
God deals with the emotional stuff and my parents listen to all my trashy, angry talk and make me feel better.
Life gets a little tiring once in awhile; I'm 16 and I already feel like I'm a hundred years old.
But with them as encouragement, I'm never gonna stop trying to pick myself up, never gonna stop running the race.

People seldom walk in and out of my life, so when someone does walk out, it creates this massive ripple in my friendship/social circle.
But as that ripple creates a certain amount of chaos, I find peace in the eye of the storm- and I find the people who stay, I find the Lord there and that He is my hiding place and refuge from the raging cyclone.
Think of me as a ballerina who is practising her pirouettes and as I do, I spin my head and focus on an unmoving object to control my balance, creating a very, very (and I'll say it again) v.e.r.y. successful turn.
I didn't reach Grade 6 for nothing:)
So when you leave, you take a part of me with you, but right now I think I'll claim what I think I have lost and give it to someone else who is worth it.
Live and let live.

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