Friday, March 26, 2010



There's a pretty lil devil lurking in the living room:)
Liquid diabetes
O.O x2

Beauty Queen

Maybe we're all starting to realise that Hurt has its benefits, that Trust is a joke, that Secrets protect us and that Laughter can be used as cover-up.

Dear God,
For all the mean things I've said this year, for all the many mistakes and temptations I have given into, I know that You're still giving me chance after chance to change.
Joseph once told me that You give us chances without numerical limits because that's how much You love us and that's how long You're willing to wait for us to change.
I've taken Your love for granted for so long but You're always willing to take me back.
Lord if life were a bar of chocolate, You'd be the cocoa:)
You're the cheese in my macaroni, You're the L in my name (L = Love).
I love You God and if naive is what people are describing me as because I believe in something I cannot see, then naive I shall be.
If all of You is too abstract for me to believe in, then hell, I must be destined to appreciate Your existence and works like a massive, wonderful, infinite piece of art:)
"Grace is when I do get when I don't deserve.
Mercy is when I don't get what I do deserve."

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