Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm angry.

I am a performer and when you do not allow me to perform, I sulk.

But this attitude is wrong.
Why am I trying to find perfection in my pride when I am nothing?

Then I realise:
This is the price I have to pay for learning how to be humble.
The splintered wreckage I have to swallow down, piece by piece.
I will remember that God loves the humble and contrite heart and that He opposes the proud.
Lifeng said "When he opposes you, it will be painful, so it's better to be humble."
I will give my all to doing something if I am asked to do it.
And if my help isn't needed, I will give my full blessings but still be available.
I have to keep remembering that these things are temporary.
I may be forgotten but at least God, You don't forget about me.
So when I'm left alone in my party dress, I have You to hold onto.
And my make up shall not run.
I shall be joyful and rejoice.

The similarities of you and I: we're both performers.
But even if I'm at the backstage, I will remain there.
And when I am called to showcase my talent, I will rise to the occasion because I have Jesus.
And He is my humility, He is my righteousness.
He is my BEST.
He will hold my hand and walk me to the stage, in front of the audience.
He will empower me to be my BEST; to be who God made me to be.
And that is what I want.
Not credit, not recognition.
But heart.

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