Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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If I could be anywhere right now, I'd be standing at the same balcony at Melk Abbey in Austria with a cigarette (1st picture - Melk Abbey / 2nd picture - from Melk Abbey's balcony= fave picture in the world). Don't worry I ain't gonna smoke, it's just the whole "look-at-me-i'm-a-european-in-winter" look. The 3rd picture was taken in Budapest, the first stop. I love that city too. Europe makes me want to cry badly. Zakaria why can't we live in Europe next time. I shall leave you in Israel:)

Wish this upon me
That you might see
Who I really am inside

Education's got me stuck here
Here, where the street lamps don't light up this city
Here, where the city lights take their time to blind me

Wish this upon me
That you might be
The one who'll never settle for compromise
The one who will sit and watch me rise

I am wind and you are ice
We connect but the truth does not suffice
Distance and place,
Sentiments and grace
Sentiments and... ...

Age has got me on my knees
Shot down and begging you to wait
Just Wait for me to become a full-grown babe
Just Wait for me until the day you let me kiss your face

Hey Baby.
Please. Just. Wait.

Li ling - 4.49 PM

I want to have a skin artist do our faces on my birthday :)
Everyone will have painted faces and an animal in mind that they have to dress up to look like.
It's not Halloween, it's a animal costume dress up party.
Or the girls could come as fairy princesses and the boys could be frogs.
And if we kiss them they're still going to look the same. So.
Hahahaha it's okay, I still wanna get married.
Yeah and we're going to look cool and pretty and 16 year old enough for everybody.
If they think we're weird, they're just old :)
Everybody means country club man.

Wow I'm making the day that I was born sound like it's the world's favourite day.
or else....

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