Saturday, October 3, 2009

To let go.

To let go of you
You who messed my head up
Made me feel brand new
But old was what remained
Old was my residue

To let go of you
Is to cut off all contact
Is to say "be on your way now,
don't look back"
Is to tell you you've been beautiful
But sadly, I can't live up to ugly

To let you know
You're my favourite dash of red across white canvas
That bold, sexual streak in my personality
The lost, condemned quiet that I've always found
That sensational blue that will always have me bound
To your heart, to your cuts

To let you go
Is to let you know
I've always loved you
But forever can never come
Forever has ceased to become

But for the days so long and black
I will remember you
No longer my sweet lover
But forever faithful, golden Friend

- Ling

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