Friday, October 16, 2009

Never let anyone tell you you're not good enough.
Because they probably aren't either.
Because they're just so afraid of admitting it.
They bite their nails until they bleed behind closed doors;
Hoping but never knowing who to pray to or which God to ask from.
They are on their own.
Successful, maybe, but without purpose.

To bring someone else down is the worst and most addictive flaw.
To think themselves as higher beings,
Judgement and pride- they come together with daggers and hurt.
Never let yourself take what the enemies say to heart.
The ones who say you're unattractive and stupid.
Cry, but cry for awhile.
Then we'll move on.
And we'll shake all their shit off.

Friends do not bring each other down.
They do not say you are unworthy of anything you want in life.
They do not say you can't go on to do things that you can and things that you will excel in.
Mark this in black and white on your heart and sign your name on it.
Crossed fingers can remained crossed forever if you're not careful.

Your motive, unstable
Like an unwinding cable car

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