Saturday, August 1, 2009

{ Late pictures from Miss Jade Wee - who is very pretty and really cute and is President of Guitar Ensemble in MG and who is definitely Oh-EM-GEE! }
Pictures from Jia's sexy, sweet sixteen at my place!

Yes it begins with today.

I went out with Angel (whoooo) and we explored Orchard Ion!
I was an 'Li' element. Imagine having a '+' sign on you everywhere you go!
Guess I was one joyful element today! :)
They've Sephora at Ion as well as Rubi shoes!
Still, Ion wasn't very impressive.
It's massive, it really is, but it's not half as classy and friendly-ish as Paragon's atmosphere.
We had nothing to lose so we went over to (supposedly) the largest Louis Vuitton in Asia.
I didn't want people to think I was materialistic because I was in my school uniform and I didn't want to come across as a "schoolgirl who goes after branded goods".
So in the end we had lunch at The Soup Spoon. EET EES ZE BEST!
Then Angel had to leave for tuition SO I SPENT THE AFTERNOON CHECKING STUFF OUT.

I bought an electric blue skirt for 20 bucks!
Johnna says I look like a ballerina in it!
Once a ballerina, always a ballerina.
And fats don't determine a good ballerina!
It's all about posture & control, like making sure your Grande Plie jumps are quiet.
Not using your entire weight and thumping the floor like "elephants" as my previous ballet teacher Miss Sharon puts it.
I'll always remember her, cos she says I've nice ballerina legs. *blush*
Even if you think they're big now, at least they're toned and they've got shape!
And they're in the process of becoming leaner and slimmer so just WATCH ME SHRINK.
Ah dancing is just plain beautiful.
It's such expressive art and freedom.

I'm very thankful I have legs, really.
I don't give a shit to whether they're big or not up to standards or not.
Because legs are. Awesome.
Being able to use your legs is like a gift.
Even if I had only one, I'd be so damn grateful that blood actually flows through that leg's veins.
Oh yes. I'd like to buy Nike dunkies. Or at least that's what Angel calls them.
They cost a hundred bucks ++. I'm going to work for those shoes.
Work meaning getting good grades for my prelims.

They say 'still waters run deep'.
My waters are choppy.
Then they say 'you don't have to prove it, it'll show'.
Oh alright, I'll just.. let it be.

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  1. It's like writing, you know.

    It's not about how you play games with the language, but how you write about the things you truly care about, and people will somehow feel it.

    A writer can write anything, and his true intention and belief will shine through. That is how writers enable readers to know their heart.

    Be well.