Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kat Von D: "The future is big, bad and beautiful"

It's just so hard confining the rebel within me; she's just dying to get out and have fun.
And when I say the word "dying", I'm telling you guys how it really does restrict me in a way that makes me want to literally cry and throw a tantrum.
Then I think about 'fun'.
The fun I'd have is saving enough money, checking when the polytechnic vacation is, flying to L.A. and getting tattooed by the one and only Kat Von D.
I'd be thrilled. No. Wait. I'd be THRILLED.
I wanna get tattooed because it's a form of self-expression.
I'm all about: Rebellion (with a capital 'R') + sensuality + rock'n'roll culture + Art in every form.
I want to feel special. I want to be labelled as .. punk.
Suddenly I realise I've forgotten who I should always, always look to whenever I feel 'less special' than others.
Especially when I feel like I can only do this much in my life; I'm comparing my lifestyle to those in the American tattoo world.
I've forgotten about God. He who loves me so much and He who owns my body.
.... And He who says that we shall not cut our flesh or put any tattoos on our bodies
Lev 19:28 says: You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the LORD.
Honestly, just reading those words is heart wrenching for me.
But being a Christian is about making choices.
Choices that are tough, that the flesh wants so much but above all, we should give priority to the spirit.
It's all about Behaviour 101. (sorry I've been vulgar okay)
It's about finding my identity in Christ and not the things of the world.
Now I realise how tough it was for Brad to give up metal music.
Metal kinda comes hand in hand with tattooing, by the way.
It's all dark and creative and... rebellious. (yeah that's the link)
We love what we love so,so much that it hurts when we gotta give it up.
Especially when it's something God says no about.
And even if we DO go ahead with it, there are consequences to bear.
I want to be used mightily by God, I don't want a tattoo to hinder anything that God has planned out for me:)
(Even if He will catch us when we fall, I just want everything to be super smooth for His plan.)

 Most of the time, "you are what you love" is something that has twisted my mind into believing that if I love something, I'm this way.
"If I love sex, I'm sexual."
"If I love art, I'm artsy, I can't do Math." - YEAH RIGHT, I PASSED MATH OKAY.
I don't want to be labelled by the world's standards. I want to be labelled as someone after "God's own heart". As a "nice friend". As a "good person".
That's way more worth it than being called Punk/ a Rockstar/ a good singer.
I want people to look at my Heart.

I just got Kat Von D's High Voltage Tattoo autobiography/whatever-it-is yesterday.
She's got amazing artwork and sketches inside. Entirely bad-ass and beautiful.
But I have to keep in mind that this book shall be my inspiration to being a better artist and that it shall not serve as temptation to fuel my lust for tattooing.
So even if I'll never know how it feels like to ink+shade+highlight a personal masterpiece or a portrait of a pin up girl on someone else's skin, I guess it's worth it.
Because it's all about behaviour that counts, it's about rubbing off a sort of discipline and example vibe and chasing after a more important goal.
Guess what:)

So now I've got a question to ask at cell.
See that's why I love cell. Because I get my questions answered and I get to understand why spiritual boundaries are set.
With the way the world looks at tattoos, short skirts, sex - everything = not the way God would want people to see us.
Boundaries- people say Christianity has tons of rules.
But like Lifeng told me: God didn't set rules to confine us, He set rules to protect us.
So my question is: How much is too much when it comes to creating art? Especially gothic art/ 1950s pin up girls/ everything that Kat Von D is into with a teeny bit of nudity and stuff.
Yeah look into my mind and you'll freak at how much shit is inside.
But it's good shit okay. 
Ahhh but be patient with me; I'm still learning...

Mon amor

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  1. Take this for what it's worth. I certainly don't have the theology degree to prove anything.

    Levitical law is considered the old law. And, if people hold true to one piece of it (the tats), then they must hold true to all of it (not wearing mixed fabrics--think poly/cotton blends), not going in public when you're on your period, planting a fence on the roof of your house.

    The old law was broken with cross - with grace - through Jesus...and the faith and sacrifice brought by the new law says that we are known for our faith by the LOVE we have for each other. (John 13:35). That people who follow the religious "law" and do so without a transformed heart are full of hot air (James 1:27). That the kind of worship God seeks is to take care of the poor (Isa 58, James 1:27, Matthew 25).

    Jesus broke the "old" law when he healed/worked on the Sabbath day. The religious people were PISSED. But good gosh, he's Jesus! :)

    I would wager that the bottom line is this...we live out of our transformed hearts of grace. Out of that transformation, come our actions -- we are not holy because of our good works...ONLY by grace and the cross.

    However, if God has placed on your heart that maybe this tattoo is not the right way to go for you, by all means, listen to him! I'm just a little blogger girl. But I did want to share about the old/new law stuff...