Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Char remembers where I want my first (real) kiss at :)
At the square in front of the Eiffel Tower at 7 PM in Paris.
7 PM because all the lights of the Eiffel Tower will be glittering and it looks absolutely STUNNING.

Pictures from 29th Nov = Sunday night @ Portobelle with Mum+Dad, Angel, Cara, Charmaine, Joseph, Lawrence, Lime, Mirabelle and along the way came Matthew and Brent!
Dinner was good, chess was intense as usual and Indian Poker just cracked everyone up. I'm very, very thankful I had Creme Brulee:)

Pictures on my birthday itself = Monday evening till night till morning with Vanida, Lynette, Szeming, Sheren, Sen, BC, WH, CY, Eric and Cherng En.
Vanida, Lynette and Szeming made a surprise for me and gave me an entire package of caramel corn and a rose:) They are very, very sneaky.
The Xtreme Bungee Swing made me laugh non-stop, scream non-stop and I don't know what else. I sat next to a guy from Egypt and he seriously reminded me of Zakaria. I hope Zakaria doesn't undergo balding anytime soon though :O
As usual, we laughed at everything and everyone around us.
I love my class. We own.

Pictures from yesterday= Helping Harijanto and Sharon out for the major project on 3rd Dec: Christmas Fairy Ball @ Shangri-la.
I got a hot glue burn anda papercut, but it was freaking fun.
I'm going over at 11.15 and I'm not ready yet.
Then I'm going to meet Kel at Orchard at 3 PM (he's going to pass me my present, awww) and probably meet my churchies and have dinner at Lawrence's house.
Then it's church camp tomorrow and soon I'll be hopping around the house like a jelly bean.
Euphoria gets the better of me.
Camps are the bomb okay. THE BOMB.

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